Knitting Club - bio

The story behind the name………. "The meaning of the word "peace" in Greek is the KNITTING together, the unification of what has been broken, unraveled or disrupted. It means wholeness." Quote from "The Magnificent Vision" by L. J. Ogilvie. This band was the result of some jam sessions at the Salvation Army in Maple Ridge, B.C. Coincidentally a knitting club (the kind that uses yarn) met on the same night and the instructor tried to lure them into the class and accused these musicians of being "closet knitters". And so it began. This is a group of veteran musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds who love to make music together. They are a gospel blues band performing entirely original material. Gene Murphy is the driving force behind the band with his songwriting abilities and creative guitar licks. But each member has contributed to the arrangement and style of the music as they fuse their musical influences. Their sound is a blend of blues/rock, R & B with a bit of rock-a-billy thrown in. It's music with a message of hope, freedom and joy. The band has performed at the "Back to the Blues" concert in Chilliwack for three consecutive years. The response has been very positive "Their music is infectious, joy-filled, heart liftin', smile bringin' and more." The band has received some encouraging reviews from listeners of the internet radio broadcast at "Two words 'hot blues'. You are truly gifted blues artists. Keep up the good work." AMALA "I really like the blues and I like the positive message in your songs as well." THE GROOVE MINE "Love the blues. Keep up the groove." THE SLUGGER TRASK BAND "The individual talent in your band is outstanding. Even more impressive is the group chemistry that allows for the blending of all that talent.What a great sound! RICK FROST
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Carol Keating.......lead vocals
Barry Keating.......Bass, vocals
Paul Leeburn.......Drums
Rick Meadows.......Lead Guitar, Guitar Synth, Keyboards
Gene Murphy.......Lead Guitar, vocals