Back2Blues Concert

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Press Release
Gene Murphy and his brother Darren were the driving force of the band Last Wild Sons which came on the scene in the early nineties with their cd, Heart of the Workin' Man and played numerous live shows in the Vancouver area. Gene has since decided to follow Jesus Christ and his new material is blues rock with lyrics that reflect the principles, promises and truths of the Christian faith. The Knitting Club played at this year's Gospel Blues Festival in Chilliwack and their music was4 infectious, joy filled, heart lifting, smile bringing and more. "The meaning of the word peace in Greek is the knitting-together, the unification of what has been broken and unraveled and disrupted. It means wholeness. In fact, in Hebrew, it's almost a synonym for the meaning of salvation, which means deliverance, oneness, wholeness and unification." - L.J.Ogilvie, the Magnificent Vision